Mr. DAPs’ Railway

Welcome to Mr. DAPs’ Railway. Here I will share with you my love of trains both in my own home and also other trains around the globe.
Since receiving my first ho-scale train as a child, I have been hooked on railroads of all sizes. I now have an ho-scale train that can be seen wrapping around the outside of the set for Geeks Corner. I have several different engines and train options for this railway. I also have a g-scale train that is constantly being worked on in my backyard. For this train I have a White Pass Railway engine and a Santa Fe train. Both scales are a lot of fun, but in different ways. I’m looking forward to expanding them in the coming years and constantly am dreaming about what will be next.
There are trains around the world too that I have visited and gotten to ride, and some that I haven’t yet. I look forward to sharing those experiences with you here as well because really… why not!? Some of these incredible trains are found locally here in Southern California and others that can be found elsewhere.  It will be great fun to find and experience (or re-experience) these trains or train exhibits.
I hope you enjoy my various adventure with trains that are shared here!
Make it a GREAT day!
– Mr. DAPs

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Mr. DAPs’ Railway – Spring Has Sprung!

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