Andrew Petersen – A Man Who Knew How to Live and Live Positively

Andrew Petersen

Being negative only leads to negative results. Focusing on the positive will lead to positive outcomes. – Andrew Petersen I have been frequenting Disneyland regularly for a very long time. Through the years I have been privileged to experience some incredible experiences. I’ve also had the chance to meet some absolutely amazing people. One of … Read more Andrew Petersen – A Man Who Knew How to Live and Live Positively

The Positivity Principle

Mr. DAPs with Phyllis Herman at Disneyland

[dropcaps]P[/dropcaps]ositivity is important. If you have followed my writings through the last few years, you will see this theme littered throughout my posts. I think there is power in positivity. This isn’t always the easiest approach to take but it is definitely the most beneficial. I believe this is part of what I call the … Read more The Positivity Principle

And Then I Became a Penguin…

Primordial Penguins on Stage

Growing up I was always encouraged to use my imagination and to basically just go for things. As I have grown older, this mindset has led to the ability to dream big, be ambitions, and go for the adventure. One of these adventures came in the form of a band called the Primordial Penguins. I¬†created … Read more And Then I Became a Penguin…