Heading Home from Haiti

Sunday was our final day in Haiti. Seeing that it was the final day, it made sense to make get the most out of it. That means getting up early to take pictures of the sunrise and then cramming as much into the day before we can make the trek to the airport for the … Read more Heading Home from Haiti

Bringing Christmas to Haiti

It is hard to believe that a day could be more exhausting than yesterday but I think it might have happened. While today was not as physically exhausting, it definitely was emotionally. Although it was emotionally exhausting, it wasn’t in a bad way. It was an emotional journey that I imagine will stick with everyone … Read more Bringing Christmas to Haiti

A Hot Day in Haut-Limbe, Haiti

Today seemed to be warmer than yesterday. I’m not sure if it really was in fact hotter or if we were just more active. Either way, it was a very warm and busy day in Haiti. The morning began with breakfast in the hotel. Breakfast at the hotel is always awesome because there is some … Read more A Hot Day in Haut-Limbe, Haiti

Returning to Haiti

I’m back. After a year, a month, and a few extra days I have returned to a place I never expected to go in the first place. One year ago if you had asked me if I’d be returning, I probably would have shrugged my shoulders and said “perhaps.” Haiti is a very complicated place. … Read more Returning to Haiti

Heading Back to Haiti

Cap-Haïtien Orphanage, Haiti in 2014

In two days I will be flying Eastwards towards Haiti. This is a bit surreal as I assumed my trip there last year would be a once in a lifetime trip. The first trip was eye opening and life changing, to say the least. It was definitely my first time visiting a place that impoverished and completely … Read more Heading Back to Haiti

Do You Think About Your Bed?

Haiti Needs Beds - Reliv Kalogris Foundation

Do you think about your bed? As you end your day and prepare to drift off to sleep, are you thinking about the bed that you will be sleeping on? Do you wonder if it will support you through the night as you sleep? And no, I don’t mean the support to avoid back pain. … Read more Do You Think About Your Bed?

Welcome to Cap-Haïtien

Driving Through Cap-Haïtien, Haiti

As I think back over my first impressions of Cap–Haïtien, a few words flash into my mind: rubble, sewage, poverty, heat, humidity, and dust. There was an immediate culture shock as we left the world of instant gratification with advanced technology and entered a world that works at a much different pace and feels like it is from … Read more Welcome to Cap-Haïtien

What a Difference a Quick Plane Ride Can Make

Sunrise Flight to Cap Haitien, Haiti from Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

Last year I had the opportunity to accompany the Reliv Kalogris Foundation team on what was basically an inspection trip to Haiti. The trip took place in October and found me and my Primordial Penguins collaborator Johnny flying from Ft. Lauderdale, Florida to Cap Haitien, Haiti. The flight really wasn’t that long. We  did have … Read more What a Difference a Quick Plane Ride Can Make

Being the Change

Mr. DAPs in Haiti at a Reliv Kalogris Foundation Orphanage/Feeding Center

The Reliv Kalogris Foundation (RKF) feeds over 40,000 people, mainly kids, every day around the globe. It is the same group of kids that get nourishment and invested in daily. Because of the Reliv Kalogris Foundation these kids have a future. I have been most fortunate to get to support the RKF and try to … Read more Being the Change