Caruso’s Tuscan Cuisine Brings Delicious Food, Friendship, and Family Together in Capitola, CA

Capitola, CA - Capitola Venetian
Capitola, CA – Capitola Venetian

One of my favorite places to visit is the region surrounding Santa Cruz, CA. There are some absolutely beautiful places to visit nearby, some more obvious than others. There are also some fun, and delicious, places to eat. While I’m not food critic, I do know when things are good or bad. I also know when things stand out above the rest. Caruso’s Tuscan Cuisine is one of those places. Over the last few years it has become one of my favorite places to eat, period.

The restaurant is found in the heart of Capitola, California. It is NOT a large restaurant. It is quite intimate. This works to the benefit of the establishment though. The whole thing has more of the feel of being invited into someone’s home rather than just a restaurant in a beautiful tourist town.

Caruso's Tuscan Cuisine - Panino Burger
Caruso’s Tuscan Cuisine – Panino Burger – Lunch Menu

The owners and staff act more like family than co-workers every time I’ve visited. There is a lot of love in this restaurant and also a lot of pride in what they offer. The result is both a wonderful dining and culinary experience. It is generally quite busy as it attracts both locals and tourists. Plan on bringing your patience or showing up early if you don’t want to wait. For parties over six, reservations are also accepted.

Caruso's Tuscan Cuisine - Bruschetta Classica
Caruso’s Tuscan Cuisine – Bruschetta Classica

A good location and good service doesn’t necessarily make for a good restaurant though. At the end of the day, it’s all about the food. The food at Caruso’s Tuscan Cuisine is some of my absolute favorite food! The pride and love that is put into the restaurant shows in the forefront with the food. They are open for dinner every day with multiple Italian favorites on the menu. The trick I have found is that I have a couple of favorites that I eat over and over again because they are just that good. Thankfully, people have shared with me a bite or two of their dishes when we are there as well. Because of that, I can attest to the deliciousness of the other dishes.

Caruso's Tuscan Cuisine - Lasagna Di Carne
Caruso’s Tuscan Cuisine – Lasagna Di Carne

The menu includes pasta, pizza, salads, and some delicious appetizers. Some of my favorites are the Bruschetta Classica, Lasagna di Carne, and¬†Dischetti Al Tartufo. I have always really enjoyed tasting their specials also.¬†Caruso’s recent began offering lunch on the weekends and this is a treat as well. I absolutely love their meatball sandwich. It is a must have when I’m visiting Capitola now! It’s just a short walk from the beach and even if it wasn’t, it’d be worth a long walk!

Caruso’s Tuscan Cuisine is open from 5-9 pm on Tuesdays-Sundays. On the weekends it is open for lunch. Details and directions can be found on their website. The menu for Caruso’s can be found here.



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