Success is an action not a destination.

The Power of Passion

Success is an action not a destination.Passion is powerful. It is like adding seasoning to a recipe… without it the dish is bland and boring. Passion adds the vibrance and excitement to life, just as seasoning does for a recipe. Whereas too much spice can be overkill in a recipe, there is no such thing as too much passion. It is essential for any pursuit of success or greatness. Nobody ever achieved greatness with a pursuit of mediocrity.

Passion + Purpose = Awesome

A person who has passion of purpose is destined for awesome things. Purpose and passion go hand in hand. Purpose is the compass that guides where you are headed. Passion fuels the purpose. Some side benefits of this equation is that the passionate pursuit of purpose leads to stronger confidence, increased focus, and it’s a lot of fun as well! When you passionately pursue your purpose, incredible things are destined to happen.


Passion of purpose is something that should be shared! When there is passion of purpose, people tend to catch it and want to run with it as well. This can’t happen if it is hidden. Everybody wants to be on the winning team and odds are that team is yours if you are pursuing your dream passionately! So why keep it to yourself? It’s more fun to succeed together and help other’s exceed together. Share your passion. Let it be contagious. Help other people reach their dreams!

[pullquote align=”right” cite=”” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=””]Success is an action not a destination. [/pullquote]
Be Successful

A person who is pursing their passion will be a successful one way or another. Recognize that the pursuit of success really is the act of being successful. So many times we get focused on the destination that we fail to recognize that the real treasure was the journey getting there. Success is an action not a destination. Keep this in mind and live it and you will always be successful.

The quest for success is meant to be an adventure. Any great adventure (purpose) includes a destination and the passion to reach that destination. Dig deep and find your purpose and figure out how that connects with your passion. Ask yourself what you are excited about and the pursue it! Then as you go on your adventure, share it with others.

Make it a GREAT day!

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