Hope for a Better Tomorrow - Primordial Penguins - Reliv Kalogris Foundation

Getting Involved with the Reliv Kalogris Foundation

Hope for a Better Tomorrow - Primordial Penguins - Reliv Kalogris Foundation
Hope for a Better Tomorrow – Primordial Penguins – Reliv Kalogris Foundation

One of my passions is supporting the Reliv Kalogris Foundation (RKF). Currently it feeds around 43,000 people (mainly kids) around the globe every day. I love that the same kids are fed every day and they are being given a future that simply would not exist if it weren’t for the RKF.

I haven’t always been as passionate or involved with RKF however. When I first heard about the organization my initial thoughts were basically, “that’s nice.” It seemed like a good organization but without being that close or involved, I just didn’t understand it. That was all destined to change though.

My co-host, collaborator, partner in crime, Johnny 5 had an idea after one of the RKF presentations we saw. He thought, why not see if we could help out and write a song for RKF as the Primordial Penguins? We made our way to the booth outside where the people who ran it were stationed and pitched our idea. To say it was positively received would definitely be an understatement.

We went home and went to work on what we hoped would be something that could help. The culmination of our work was a song called “Hope for a Better Tomorrow.” The song is basically exactly what it sounds like it is about… let’s give kids hope for a tomorrow that will be better than the tomorrow they are facing today.

As things moved forward it was decided that this should be used as the song of dedication for the RKF Nutrition Center in Welfareville, in Mandaluyong City, Philippines. Welfarevill is basically a town (if it could be called that) built in the midst of a garbage dump. It is a horrible place for kids to be living in. This idea led to a whole new level of creativity for us as the song changed from a piece that was being sung by Primordial Penguins and into a choral piece for a Children’s Choir to sing. The music was transcribed and sent to the Philippines to the choral director there. The kids learned the song and did an absolutely fantastic job.

Watch this video that shows the dedication of this building along with the children performing our first song for the Reliv Kalogris Foundation: Hope for a Better Tomorrow. They are then joined by a small choral group of Reliv distributors at a Reliv conference singing along with them.

This whole experience brought new meaning to what the RKF is all about to me. I saw that one person, or in this case two, really could make a difference. It was such an honor to be partners in the opening and dedication of this building. Hearing the music we had written being sung by these angelic little voices was also an incredibly moving experience. It started to move the RKF from our heads and into our hearts. It also came with the realization that we are now a part of something much bigger than ourselves. What we do helps change the future for kids that really don’t have a future without our support.

I’ve now supported the Reliv Kalogris Foundation for several years. I love getting to change the world and help those who can’t help themselves. I look forward to the day when we are helping 43 million kids instead of 43 thousand. I know it will happen, it will just take time and more support. If you would like to join me on this quest to change the world, take a moment and contact me about how you can get involved.

Now is the time to make a difference in the world. We can really be a force for change and I’d love if you joined us. What do you think?

Make it a GREAT day!

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